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6 Yoga Poses to Help Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a serious health condition that often shows no symptoms. However, it puts you at a greater risk of developing heart disease, strokes, and even cancer. The increased pressure buildup in your arteries and throughout your cardiovascular system puts an increased strain on your heart, nervous system and entire immune …

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What’s the difference between yoga and physical therapy yoga?

Most people think of NEEDING physical therapy only when they are injured, in pain or prescribed by a doctor… However, most people would benefit from the physical therapy prescribed exercises, stretches and mobility drills regardless of their pain levels or athleticism.  Most forms of exercise and yoga classes elicit activation of larger muscle groups without …

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Why You’re Getting Injured in Yoga

Ever been to a yoga class because you were having pain, only to find after the class you felt in more or the same pain? That’s because NOT ALL YOGA IS CREATED EQUAL. Most yoga classes and yogic postures are based on thousands of years ago  and were actually designed for a males body type. Women’s …

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DEPRESSION: Is Posture Affecting Your Mood?

Depression rates have continued to rise in America, and these rates were especially increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. While social isolation and financial risks and concerns associated with job losses contribute to a high portion of these increased rates, I also believe that there were other contributing factors. Exercise, whether individually but especially in a …

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Balance Implications For Health and Aging

Scientists, physical therapists, and physicians have always known balance to be an important health aspect. Falls and fall related injuries, incidences and hospitalizations account for a major sum of our health care expenses. However, there is now new information that actually confirms that balance is a key proponent of good health and longevity. A recent …

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INFLAMMATION: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory disorder that can not only affect your joints but many other body systems as well. RA can cause a wide variety of symptoms, impacting the lungs, skin, kidneys, eyes, heart, bone marrow and blood vessels. Unlike osteoarthritis, which is caused from typical wear and tear to the …

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SLEEP: Are These Your Culprits?

Sleep is one of the most underestimated components of healthy living and success in life as well as exercise performance. In today’s world we are suffering from a sleep loss epidemic. We are now, more than ever, surrounded by countless distractions, technology, thoughts, worries and stressors that make sleep challenging. Maybe you are having trouble …

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BACK TO SCHOOL: Sedentary Posture

As the kids head back to the classroom, parents may also be finding themselves spending increased time seated at a desk. We tend to live in a subconscious mindset when we are mentally focussed on a task or computer work, often completely forgetting or ignoring what our bodies are doing. I know I often start …

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BACK TO SCHOOL: 5 Healthy Snacks

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to get those kiddos back in school. The heat and high activity levels may have increased your kid’s calorie intake with foods less favorable than veggies. Yes…I’m talking about the ice cream, popsicles, goldfish, hot dogs, and BBQ. But as we get back into school mode, keep …

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Eccentric Exercise for Tissue Repair

***This blog is intended for medical professionals If you are familiar with the LYT yoga method, you know by now that we LOVE eccentric exercise! If you are not, I will share with you why eccentric exercise is so important in tissue repair and recovery.  What does eccentric mean? Muscles contract in 3 different ways. …

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GUT HEALTH: Stick to Your Gut

Ever heard of the phrase “I just had this gut feeling?” Well, believe it or not, there is actually a lot of scientific merit to support this long-used phrase. Our brain-gut axis, also referred to as our HPA axis, is a newer term in the medical field that reveals a direct connection between what we …

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SKIN HEALTH: The Glory of Fascia

June is Skin Health Month and also my personal favorite month (as my birthday is in June!). What better way to celebrate than to discuss my new found favorite topic FASCIA! So what is this new buzz word? As John Barnes explains, “The fascial system surrounds, infuses with, and has the potential to profoundly influence …

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DETOX: My Favorite Ways

May is detox month, and while this word has become quite the craze and fad, there are many ways of detoxing improperly that can actually lead to further imbalances in the body. We are surrounded by toxins on a daily basis, today more so than ever. Many additives are proven endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, and skin …

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Vibration Plate Exercise: Benefits, Risks, Implications

Vibration Plate exercise and therapies are spreading throughout the nation due to the many benefits they provide the body. Research has shown that use of these plates can alleviate back and joint pain by improving core strength and circulation, boosting metabolism by encouraging your body to burn fat faster, and decreasing stress through increased serotonin …

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BRAIN HEALTH: Protect Your Brain

New diagnoses of neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, mild cognitive impairment continue to increase as well as findings of new and rare conditions continue to emerge and increase at an alarming rate. Moreover, anyone can experience symptoms of brain fog at any age, and it all stems down to the number …

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Practice What You Preach: Why the LYT Yoga Method Makes You Smarter

As I mentioned in my other brain health blog, exercise is crucial to brain health because it produces what is called BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) which is literally like food for the brain cells! I have been an avid exercise advocate since I was a kid, captain of my ice and field hockey teams …

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HEART HEALTH: The Heart Has a Mind of Its Own

Research continues to grow on the fascinating heart muscle, teaching us that it is so much more than just an efficient pump that sustains life. The heart can actually be seen as an access point to a source of wisdom and intelligence that we can call upon to live our lives with more creativity, balance …

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Dizzy Lately? Is it Vertigo?

Lately, I have seen an increase in those suffering from symptoms of vertigo or dizziness. Many have noticed vertigo and other neurological side effects post COVID vaccine or infection. There is a difference between “dizziness,”more of a lightheaded feeling which can be solely from dehydration, hunger, or change in blood pressure when changing positions too …

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SEXUAL HEALTH: Everyone Has a Pelvis

Whether you are male, female, or non binary, we as human beings all have a pelvis. Males or XY chromosomes have a slightly smaller space between the two iliac crests, while females or XX chromosomes tend to have a wider girth in order to support the load of bearing a child. Regardless of gender, pelvic …

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“Sciatica” or Gluteal Radiculopathy?

Have you been diagnosed with “sciatica?” Although a common back issue, many doctors are quick to diagnose these vague back, hip and leg pains as sciatica when it may not be the case. Much less discussed, and susceptible to irritation – if not more so in modern society – are the superior and inferior gluteal …

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LOVE YOUR BODY: Continual Resolutions

With the new year in full swing and putting the holiday season behind us, many of us are feeling a bit guilty about overindulging during the holidays and may make resolutions about weight loss, physical fitness, or new lifestyle habits. The issue with “resolutions” is that often times we make them unattainable and don’t set …

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HEALTHY HOLIDAYS: Staying Healthy During the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing, and with these cold weather days, the stresses of gift buying, traveling and surplus of heavy foods and sweets, it can be easy to put our good health mindsets and practices on the back burner. There are a few key things to remember about indulging – or not …

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LUNG HEALTH: Let’s Talk About Breath

Lung health in general is important for all in our daily lives, but breath takes on an even more important role during yoga practice. Our breath is our life force and our energy (Prana); without it life is impossible. A human can go days without food or water but only minutes without oxygen to the …

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INFLAMMATION: Let’s Talk Chronic.

What is Chronic Inflammation? Our bodies are specifically designed to have natural defense mechanisms in place to protect us from toxic exposures, pollutants, and other stressors from getting into our skin and causing havoc on our organs and immune system. One of those necessary tactics/processes is inflammation – better known as swelling. Healing white blood …

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Our bodies are meant to move! The stresses, habits and trends of our modern worlds have made movement become far too infrequent and therefore at times even painful. Movement, when done correctly with good focus and attention truly is the best medicine. Sarah strives to show you and your body mindful movement habits and postures to make you feel your best in all of your daily functional and leisure activities.

A practice that has been used for healing since ancient times and continues to evolve to further suit the needs, habits and cultures of those practicing and in need. Sarah is a certified LYT Method trainer integrating energizing core based vinyasa method with neurodevelopmental rehabilitation principles to rewire the brain for more optimal movement patterns by reestablishing postural muscle imbalances.

Wellness comes in all different shapes, sizes, mindsets and forms. Wellness means treating each person as an individual, taking time and attention to the body as a whole and addressing health in all areas that may need it, even if you might not be aware. So often pain or weakness in one area is actually stemming from and/or interconnected with a completely different body region. Our thoughts, actions, hormones, emotions and toxic stimuli can play a major role in our health and overall well being, meaning how you got about life on a daily basis. Utilizing therapies such as cupping, vibration technology, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, massage, aromatherapy, joint mobilization, herbal medicine, homeopathy, kinesiology, meditation practice, naturopathy, nutritional healing and supplementation, osteopathy, relaxation practices and visualization to promote optimal health and healing for the whole body to thrive and promote improved happiness and quality of life.

Incorporating principles and practices from each Eastern and Western medicinal schools of thought, treating that patient as a whole person to find the source and root cause of illness and promote healing and longevity. Increased focus on preventional strategies for maximum health benefit to improve and maintain the mind, body and soul at its highest level of function. Aims in helping you gain more knowledge on the power of specific nutritional supplements your body may be in great need of to allow it to thrive and function at its greatest potential.

Diet and nutrition play an intrinsic part in the solution to feeling your best. Nutrition has an incredible ability to connect us with what is valuable and important. Implementing principles of bioindividuality can help you change your life and improve your health consistently. Learn to use food as medicine to heal from chronic inflammation, fatigue, anxiety and so many more symptoms of all disease and illness. Discover your body’s specific needs through real whole foods, herbs and potential needs for supplementation to maximize your health and fitness levels and prevent brain degeneration.

A healthcare profession provided by a physical therapist who promotes, maintains and restores health through physical exam, diagnosis, prognosis, patient education, physical intervention, rehabilitation, disease prevention, and health promotion. The treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage/soft tissue and joint mobilization, modalities such as heat and electrical stimulation and exercise interventions RATHER THAN drugs or surgery. Although best known for pain relief, PT greatly aims to improve overall functional mobility, decrease harmful long term side effects associated with long term use of pain relieving prescription and over the counter drugs, prevent and avoid needs for surgery, helping patients live healthier lives at a higher level of physical ability. PT interventions are targeted at improving posture, balance, fitness and promotion injury prevention.