MY WIN Physical Therapy

Creating Structure with and Open Heart

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Taking it back to the basics with this beginner class to introduce the LYT method and the power of a stable base in order to open up. Join me to get back in touch with your deeper core, learn the postures and positions we adapt and modify to make yoga and movement more attainable for everyone long-term. Through a strong and neutral pelvis we can align our bodies and allow for opening in the chest, hips, and especially thoracic spine where we actually need and should have the rotation we often compensate for in the pelvis and low back. Moment to moment paying attention to posture and positioning will allow you to free your body, mind, spirit, and souls! This class will remain up on the website for you to return to as much as needed to create your true foundation!

Follow along with the playlist (start at the beginning of Sun Sal 1!):

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