MY WIN Physical Therapy


Dr. Sarah wants to help clients channel their inner strength and core values to find how to best serve each individual and facilitate a win for you, whatever that may mean. Using knowledge and principles from training and experience in many realms of healing and movement practices, MYWIN Physical Therapy challenges the body, mind and spirit in order to enhance your level of mobility, awareness, courage and zest for life. Sarah accepts clients of all ages and functional abilities, aiding in motivation, healing and longevity with kindness and compassion for all.


Our bodies are meant to move! The stresses, habits and trends of our modern world have made movement become far too infrequent, often leading to pain. Movement, when done correctly with good focus and attention, truly is the best medicine. Sarah strives to show you and your body mindful movement habits and postures to make you feel your best in all of your daily functional and leisure activities.

A practice that has been used for healing since ancient times and continues to evolve today suits the needs, habits and cultures of those currently practicing and those in need. Sarah is a LYT Method trainer candidate whose practice integrates an energizing core based vinyasa method with neurodevelopmental rehabilitation principles to rewire the brain for more optimal movement patterns by reestablishing postural muscle imbalances.

Wellness comes in all different shapes, sizes, mindsets and forms. Wellness means treating each person as an individual, taking time and paying attention to the body as a whole and addressing health in all areas that may need it, even if you might not be aware. So often pain or weakness in one area is actually stemming from and/or interconnected with a completely different body region. Our thoughts, actions, hormones, emotions and toxic stimuli can each play a major role in our health and overall well being, meaning how you go about life on a daily basis. Therapies such as cupping, vibration technology, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, massage, aromatherapy, joint mobilization, herbal medicine, homeopathy, kinesiology, meditation practice, naturopathy, nutritional healing and supplementation, osteopathy, relaxation practices and visualization can promote optimal health and healing for the whole body to thrive and promote improved happiness and quality of life.

Incorporating principles and practices from each Eastern and Western medicinal schools of thought, Sarah treats each patient as a whole person to find the source and root cause of illness and promote healing and longevity. An increased focus on preventional strategies for maximum health benefit can improve and maintain the mind, body and soul at its highest level of function. Providing clients with knowledge on the power of specific nutritional supplements their bodies may be in great need of empowers them to thrive and function at their greatest potential.

Diet and nutrition play an intrinsic part in the solution to feeling your best. Nutrition has an incredible ability to connect us with what is valuable and important. Implementing principles of bioindividuality can help you change your life and improve your health consistently. Learn to use food as medicine to heal from chronic inflammation, fatigue, anxiety and so many more symptoms of all disease and illness. Discover your body’s specific needs through real whole foods, herbs and potential needs for supplementation to maximize your health and fitness levels and prevent brain degeneration.

A healthcare profession provided by a physical therapist who promotes, maintains and restores health through physical exam, diagnosis, prognosis, patient education, physical intervention, rehabilitation, disease prevention, and health promotion. The treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage/soft tissue and joint mobilization, modalities such as heat and electrical stimulation and exercise interventions rather than drugs or surgery. Although best known for pain relief, PT greatly aims to improve overall functional mobility, decrease harmful long term side effects associated with long term use of pain relieving prescription and over the counter drugs, prevent and avoid needs for surgery, and help patients live healthier lives at a higher level of physical ability. PT interventions are targeted to improve posture, balance, fitness and promote injury prevention.