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Dr. Sarah Kingsley is a Physical Therapist and certified Lyt Yoga Instructor and nutrition health coach. She strives to help her clients find their inner core strength, alleviate pain and gain confidence in their bodies. Working with patients of all ages with extensive experience with the geriatric population, Sarah treats a multitude of conditions including acute and chronic pain, vertigo and vestibular disorders, osteoporosis and all deficits of functional mobility. Sarah works with each client on an individual basis to help them feel their physical best, treating the whole person with the aim of improving movement patterns to promote the best quality of life for all age groups.

Total spinal fitness core board

The total spinal fitness core board its used for treatment of low back pain, disc herniations and scoliosis. This is a state of the art traction unit and the only body system that follows the body’s natural blueprint for disc nutrition. The system’s ability to unload and decompress the spine combined with gentle segmental movements facilitates the natural spinal disc pump for nutrition and fluid exchange.

Total spinal fitness core board

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Wednesdays from 6-7pm at Roper PT Yoga Studio at 301 E. Tremont Ave, Suite B, Charlotte, NC. 

Join Dr. Sarah at this introductory physical therapy inspired yoga flow targeting core activation, posture, functional movement, and breath. 

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Sarah's solution


Check out our home made soothing bone and joint ointment with all natural organic essential oils and barriers available for sale by request in person, via email or cell phone.

"Take a small amount to the painful area and gently rub it in. It is very easy to apply. I usually apply morning, afternoon and night. After a shower or bath reapply. It really helps and does not have a strong odor!"
Ruby West
"I went to see Sarah after I threw my back out during a workout. She asked me a few questions about what happened and what I was experiencing and was able to immediately get to work on helping me to feel better. After my first session, I was able to stand up straighter and walk better than I had in the two weeks since my injury. After the second session, she gave me a list of exercises and stretches I could do at home to continue to heal. I can 100% say that I am back to working out and feeling like myself again because of the work she did AND what she taught me to do on my own. 10/10 recommend working with Sarah for any pain and/or mobility needs."
Rebecca Boland 
"I met with Sarah when I went to a wellness retreat for a stretching session and it was so much more than I thought. She was so sweet and so helpful! I explained to her my problem areas and as she worked on each area, she explained to me everything she was doing and made me feel very comfortable. She also taught me some stretches that I can do at home, too. Next time I’m in Charlotte I will definitely be visiting her office!"
Rachael Bueti
"I have been suffering from pain in my knees for several months. My Physical Therapist, Sarah Kingsley, suggested that I try a pain relief ointment which she has developed. I have been using this ointment for several weeks, and believe it has greatly contributed to relieving my pain, thereby enabling me to do my exercises which will help to cure my knee problems. The ointment is soothing as well as having a delightful aroma. I highly recommend this pain relief product."
Wardie Martin
"I think Sarah is the best therapist and I don’t want to work with anyone else."
Joan Foard